Friday, June 8, 2012

Dry Erase Thought Bubbles

What could be more fun and unique than a dry erase thought bubble from! OptiMA Inc. has created colorful speech and thought bubbles that are a fun and creative way to decorate any kids’ bedroom room or the office! The adhesive on the back won’t ruin your walls when you decide to take it down which makes it a perfect option for college dorm rooms.

These speech and thought bubbles are easy to use and easy to apply. Peel and stick dry erase wall decals come in a set of four speech and thought bubbles. These are perfect for reminding yourself of appointments or meetings or to record thoughts and ideas.

They come with the option of either being all pink, all blue, a solid black outline or you can get each one a different color and they come four to a pack! These dry erase thought bubbles look great on pictures or posters so use them in a photograph for whimsical profile pictures!

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