Friday, May 25, 2012

Wood Framed Dry Erase Board... In a tube?

Opti-Rite Print decals
A wood framed dry erase board in a tube?
It doesn't make sense does it? But the Opti-Rite® Print Dry Erase Decals can in fact ship in a tube. The faux frame design looks just like a real wood frame but is actually part of the decal itself so it looks cool and it saves you a bundle on shipping!

The decals have an excellent dry erase surface on the front and a re-positional self adhesive on the back. You really need to see these to believe just how great these are.

Current designs include plain whiteboards, calendars, and music staff boards but they can be custom made with your own design for a small set up charge, even in single quantities!

These are available a a number of websites including