Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Best Classroom Whiteboard

Looking for a long lasting whiteboard that will hold up to the wear and tear of a classroom? Let's face it no one uses their whiteboard more than teachers, lets make sure that you get the right board for your needs! 

First you should know that all whiteboards are not created equal and costs vary widely. The number one dry erase board for classroom use is porcelain steel; in fact many of these whiteboards come with 50 year guaranties

Porcelain steel whiteboards are extremely durable and resistant to stains & scratches. The hard enamel surface doesn't wear away over time and it cleans easier. The steel backed surface allows the use of magnets and magnetic accessories, which serves double duty as a magnetic bulletin board as well! 

This board is perfect for the classroom hazards that can occur on a daily basis. These boards are more resistant to damage whether it is from vandalism, misuse or neglect (leaving writing on board for extended periods of time).

Porcelain boards provide a quality teaching tool that will not have to be replaced for generations (or at least until current students grandchildren are in the classroom)! If you plan on constantly using the whiteboard, it will be more cost effective to purchase a porcelain whiteboard once, instead of replacing multiple melamine boards over the years.  
Sure there are less expensive options available and we know that often there is little to no budget available for individual classrooms on a year to year basis but do your classroom a favor and cross whiteboard off your needs list once and for all. 


  1. Hi, Thanks for all of the great information. It was really helpful to see why porcelain surfaced whiteboards are the best for classrooms, and why the other types of whiteboards aren't good for that. I was wondering what brand you recommend to be the best for this? I know cost plays a lot into all of these things. Here they recommend Quartet and I was curious to see if you agree, or just what you think about that. Thanks again for the help.

  2. Hello Haley, thank you for your feedback. We are partial to the Great White Dry Erase Boards from OptiMA. They are handmade in the United States and their quality is second to none especially when compared to commonly found mass produced or imported whiteboards.

    You can see them here.

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