Monday, February 25, 2013

What does it cost to go to school?

School cost infographic.
With education costs skyrocketing and budgets being cut,
we need to all make sure we spend our money wisely.
When in doubt ask an expert.


  1. Is there a way to make a non-magnetic whiteboard magnetic?

  2. Any ideas for how to repair a melamine dry erase board that has been damaged from tape/stickers (it pulled the coating off)

  3. Hello Elizabeth, unfortunately there really isn't a way to "repair" a melamine surface, however you have many options to resurface it.

    Options include using a peel and stick dry erase surface like Opti-Rite or if you wanted to make the board magnetic you could use what is called a porcelain steel skin cut to the size of your board

    The Opti-Rite solution is certainly a less expensive option than the porcelain skin and of course given the cost you may even consider replacing the board with a new one made here in the USA...
    Non Magnetic RiteOn boards:
    Magnetic RitePlus boards:

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